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exposure. connection. growth

We desire our advertising rates to be the lowest possible.

Above an example of Bela D Media’s average quarterly traffic.

Here’s the windup and the pitch

Let’s face it, 99.9% of traffic seen to this website is generated by individuals within the music industry. From the bedroom start-up to the seasoned professional. Musicians, producers, sound and sample developers, and others. That’s what we call a cool crowd! Sound Gallop was created in 2020 by the executive producer of Bela D Media, Francis Belardino, and is in working affiliation with major companies. We will continue to pursue all potential growth paths and increase traffic for the benefit of those who opt to advertise with us. We desire our advertising rates to be the lowest possible. Advertising with Sound Gallop is a “side gig” for us and is more so about exposure, connections made, and growth. Money isn’t everything.

So now about the money! (Haha!)

A 15-day banner ad campaign cost $25.00
A 30-day banner ad campaign cost $50.00
A 60-day banner ad campaign cost $75.00
A 90-day banner ad campaign cost $100.00

Current banner size accepted: 728 x 90 pixels
Current format accept: PNG or GIF

Your banner will be in rotation with others that choose to advertise with Sound Gallop. The advertising concept is a working beta and we ask that you allow us ample time to adjust – for your benefit and ours. We welcome suggestions and feedback.

IMPORTANT please note that the add to cart buttons are linked to Bela D Media’s e-Junkie service. After payment, you will be direct to a download. This download is a PDF file with additional details on advertising.

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