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Spotlight Composer

Composer Spotlight

An amusing example page of our monthly Spotlight Composer.

This month’s composer is the spotlight is, The Mysterious Man. His work can be not only heard but seen in every film ever made. We think he may be a superhero. He can make any virtual instrument soar above clouds and bring any DAW too it’s knees. Who will be the next composer in the spotlight? Stay tuned. Of course, this is merely a humorous example and your actual bio would go it is place. – SG


Your voice matters and will help others.

Tell us about this Score?
I’m not telling you a word ya, pirate!
Has it seen commercial use?
Daddy got paid and big.
What are your other credits?
My VISA is paid to date. Huh?
Who are your main sources of influence?
Me, myself and this kid who plays the kazoo.
What is your best advice to other composers?
Hmm? Don’t quit your day job? Try model airplane building? Turn your studio into a real office?

And The Award Goes To?

All kidding aside - here is what you win!

30 Days of Spotlight exposure of best audio score, biography and questioner via soundgallop.com

FREE 7 days Facebook advertising run about composer purchased by soundgallop/social.

FREE video of score created and shared on Sound Gallop YouTube channel.

FREE honorable mention on twitter.com/SoundGallop.

FREE sponsored by Bela D Media Kontakt Library. ($59.99 value or less.)

Fame Status on the Sound Gallop Composer Forum badge.

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