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September Promotion – Sound Gallop.com

September Promotion


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Here’s the windup and the pitch

Now free with signup to Sound Gallop. Vocal Tools Audition Soprano or Tenor. Compatible with the full retail version of Native Instruments 4/5/6.


Once you have completed signup to the Sound Gallop user forum and registered as a reader of our newsletter, you will be emailed by us, and your choice of which free version you wish to receive will be requested. Please allow up to 24 hours.


Please use a valid email address that you can confirm.

Step 1: Subscribe to the company newsletter.
Step 2: Enter the composer forum and register.
Step 3: Please allow up to 24 hours to be contacted.

Please note that contest winners recently awarded a $59.99 Bela D Media product are not eligible for this download.
This promotional offer will expire on October 1st, 2020.

Dawn Belardino
Company Administrator
Sound Gallop.com
PO Box 673
Rising Sun MD 21911
1 (484) 758-0513
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