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Your Voice Matters

Welcome to Sound Gallop

Created in 2020 by the executive producer of Bela D Media, Francis Belardino.

Sound Gallop features the unique power to purchase virtual instruments and professional audio tools as it provides an engaging and informative promotional resource for the desktop composer.

What is Sound Gallop all about? Foremost it is to create a central hub of imaginative, talented composers and offer a priceless community that can form accommodating and lasting connections between one-another. Secondly, a secure and casual place to shop for professional audio gear and virtual instruments. Sound Gallop is in working affiliation with major companies that stand by every product and we proceed in growth. Yes, of course, we do stand to turn a small profit as well and we most certainly agree online shopping outlets are in abundance.

We feel you may come to utilize and enjoy Sound Gallop and take pride in contributing. As you may take everything into account, we sincerely aspire for and will greatly appreciate your support.

Dawn Belardino
Company Administrator
Sound Gallop.com
PO Box 673
Rising Sun MD 21911
1 (484) 758-0513
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